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Chapter Thirty Three, Demonspeed

The group made it to a lobby decorated with vintage wallpaper. The chairs and love seat were a mustard yellow while the blanket folded neatly and draped over the love seat was puke green. The coffee table was dark wood.

"Glad that's over with. Now all we got to do is find the hot spot," Danny said.

"So John's his name, right?" Allison queried.

"From what Yvonne told us," Jeremy replied.

Dakota was hit with a sudden explosion on deja'vu.

'John’s mouth twisted, “Just how sorry are you for betraying me?” '

"What is it?" Danny asked once he noticed Dakota put her hand on her forehead.

Dakota went to Andy.

"Andy, remember when that mirror turned all slimy and you went through it and I went in after you?" she asked.

"Oh, yea," the little boy replied.

"Well the guy I saw killing his wife was named John. The wife's name was Wendy, I remember. The guy who Yvonne warned us about is also named John," Dakota put together.

"So you're saying John is behind all this and we're dealing with a haunting on top of demons?" Jeremy asked.

"I think so. But I know nothing about ghosts," Dakota responded.

Danny and Dakota had the same thought in their head. Maybe after they killed John their search would be over.


Inside a large Gothic building, Adrianne stepped out of the shower and retreated to her room wrapped in a towel.
She was happy to be clean after fighting a blood drenched battle. Of course she was victorious. Losing was never an option with her boss. Her manager. Her provider. Her master.

"Adrianne, my demoness," John went into her room.

"Yes?" She made sure to add master after that.

"You did nice work today," the man said.

"Thank you, sir," Adrianne replied.

"You didn't give those weasels the opportunity to escape. Sure you got a little sloppy but you did a damn good job at ripping every organ out of their bodies," John said.

It wasn't often that John gave her compliments. It started after the "Oklahoma hunt". Whenever he complimented her he always added a criticising comment before or after the praise. That way she would learn and get more and more perfect each time. John thought that soon she could be a female version of himself. Brillant, strong, fast. She was already above him on the subject of looks.

"Thank you, master," she said obediently. She acted of course. She took the role of the sidekick, a minion, a second class citizen. Adrianne never wanted John to know what she truely thought.

"Oh." He held up his index finger as a sign of remembering something.

"I have good news," John spoke.

With a brush in hand, Adrianne gave him her full attention.

"You recall the Karoso's?" he queried.

She nodded in response.

"I know it was months ago when our team killed off one of them, but the other two are now officialy declared dead," he said with a delighted grin.

Adrianne tried to say that's wonderful but no matter how fake she acted the words just wouldn't come out without the feeling of guilt and remorse on the side.

Instead, she gulped and responded: "I see."

"Teaches those filthy fucking humans to mess with the untimate race of Xarge's. I finally avenged my beloved parents deaths by killing the man who killed them, and on top of it his children have perished," John said.

He usually wouldn't talk about his personal life to his employees but John was in a good mood and that was rare.

"Adrianne," his voice hissed like a diamond backed snake.

"I'd like to reward you for all the effort you put into my business," he said slyly.

"How?" It slipped out as curosity.

Adrianne hoped the reward wasn't having sex with him again. She only slept with two men, and she loathed John. He would always be rough, in a distasteful way.

"You'll see. Just put on the fancy clothes I've bought you and be ready in twenty minutes," John replied.

His voice echoed in the hall.

Adrianne looked back into her vanity mirror. She swore her looks were the only thing that kept her sane.

She sat down on the plush cushion of her chair, turned the radio on low, and continued to primp herself.


Adrianne followed John into an alley. There were ugly office buildings with cracked windows and broken down cars which weeds grew around. It was a dreary evening in Jacksonville, Florida.

John approached the brick wall and pushed in the brick that had a crow carved in it.

"Password?" a male voice of the invisible owner asked.

"Euphoria," John replied in a mellow tone.

All the bricks shifted to make a hole the size of a doorway.

The doorway was endless swirls of blue. The swirls got smaller in the center.

The two demons entered the portal and the bricks closed up behind them.


"Quit sulking around you moron. Why don't you go talk to any of these girls?"

Eric wanted his brother to lighten up and enjoy the party. He was tall and well built. The family tattoo was printed on his tan arm. He was rich and cocky and prejustice to anyone who didn't live up to his standards. Eric's father wanted him to snap his other son, Jeremy, out of his depression.

Jeremy only glared up at his older brother from his chair.

Eric took his clawed hands out of the pockets of his striped tux. His full gold eyeballs reflected irritation.

"So what's it gonna be?" he asked.

"Fuck off," Jeremy replied. "You dragged me here in the first place."

Jeremy's face was hidden behind rings of smoke. He didn't so much as flinch in the large, wobbly arm chair.

"You can give the credit to our old man. He's the one making me babysit you. Once you get out of your funk you won't be on suicidal watch anymore," Eric said.

"You want to know suicidal? Go keep an eye on Cassandra then," Jeremy retorted.

Far away, at the opposite end of the club, on the bottom floor, Cassandra heard her cousins remark.

She sat on a bar stool as she sipped her martini.

"Shut up, Jerry," she growled.

Eric left Jeremy to his sulking and joined his friends who had a pretty girl on each arm. They laughed in their circle and clinked glasses.

'What a bunch of phonies,' he thought.

The club was a shadow with dim lighting and neon furniture. Every kind of Xarge went to the Blue Moon. Every kind from bratty rich kids to the demon mafia. Eric and Jeremy were the sons of the biggest demon crime boss in the south east.

Eric and Jeremy appeared to be twins at first sight, though Eric was four years older. Aside from that, they were polar opposites.

Eric took pride in the luxury he had. He knew how to talk to those who lived up to his social standards. He got women left and right and recently his goregous fiancee had been picked out for him.

Jeremy didn't care much for hanging around a bunch of snobs. The women who wanted him were too shallow and too easy. He couldn't say he had friends and wore a mask that told the public he didn't need or want any. Most of the time Jeremy was alone, when he was out he usually kept to his corner of the room.

Jeremy looked up at the higher floors from his seat. Men and women were going to private rooms. The sent of sex, drugs, food, and alcohol got a hold of Jeremy's nostrils.

The fish tank in front of him held a dozen one-eyed swimming fish. Living spikes with eyes bounced on the gravel of their domain.

Adrianne walked down the staircase with striking poise. She wore the dress John bought her. It was made of Egyptain cotton and contained the dark and royal colors of red and gold. Golden heels were strapped to her feet. Her chocolate brown hair was curled. She went over to Jeremy's corner and sat down on the loveseat opposite of him.

The fishtank was what separated them.

Bubbles floated to the top of the tank.

Jeremy thought the girl had a cute face. He stared at her out of the corner of his eye. Her eyes were a firey red.

Adrianne felt the strangers stare. She didn't find it creepy and she wasn't nervous. She didn't feel like a freak in a circus tent. Adrianne was flattered by the handsome boy's looks.

She took a strawberry cigarette out of her spagetti strap purse and put it between ruby lips. Adrianne realized she didn't have her lighter with her.

"You have a light?" she suddenly asked.

Jeremy was afraid he got caught.

"Me?" he said.

"No, the monkey behind you," she replied.

Jeremy looked back and then saw the woman with a half smile on her face. He saw her with a blue tint because of the glass. The seaweed in the tank covered the side of her neck. Gravel boardered her chest.

"Oh, yea," Jeremy answered.

He fumbled with the pockets of his button down dress shirt. The first three buttons were left unbuttoned. Jeremy wasn't one for looking prim and proper.

He reached over to light the woman's cigarette.

Adrianne sucked her cigarette and Jeremy flicked his lighter shut.

"Thank you," she said.

"Why don't you sit over here? You'll get a better view," she said plainly.

"What?" Jeremy assumed she hadn't really said that.

"I said why don't you sit over here, you'll get a better view." The second time Adrianne sounded more flirtatious.

Jeremy suddenly felt embarassed but tried to appear confident like he did with just about everyone else.

He sat down next to her and heard the springs in the couch as he did.

"Who are you anyway?" she inquired.

"You don't recognize me?" he asked.

"No. Should I?" she queried again.

"I don't know. I just thought everyone in the Euphoria Land dimension knew who my father was. Roy Manintosh. I'm his son," Jeremy responded.

"Oh. No, it doesn't ring a bell," Adrianne said.

"I'm Jeremy," he said.

"Adrianne Maiaya McWillow," she said.

"Do you want a drink?" Jeremy asked.

"Sure," Adrianne replied.

"Is a Long Island Iced Tea ok"? he asked.

"Yea," she replied.

Jeremy went over to the bar and ordered two Long Island's. The giant bartender with a rocky skin texture slid the drinks down to him.

Eric looked at the spot he last saw Jeremy. Then he recoginzed his little brother with two drinks in his hands. Jeremy walked over and rejoined the demoness on the sofa.

Eric heard them chat and laugh together.

"What does your father do to be so well known?" Adrianne asked.

"He's the head of a crime ring organization," Jeremy answered.

"Interesting." She took another sip.

"What does your father do?" Jeremy asked back.

"I don't have a father, or a mother," she replied.

"Sorry," he said.

"It's fine. It's not like I was completely on my own," she responded.

Drink after drink, the ice hit their faces. The straws were placed on the table in a row.

"So do you wanna get a room?" Adrianne asked.

"A room?"

He sensed her arousal. Jeremy would get an erection from the wetness of her center but he already had one since he first noticed her.

"Really?" he asked.

Jeremy hoped she didn't sense the confidence go out of him.

"Really," she laughed.

"Cool," Jeremy remarked.

"Let's go then," said Adrianne.

She got up, took Jeremy's hand, and led him upstairs.

They felt the stairs vibrate below their shoes due to the grundge that played throughout the Blue Moon.

Adrianne slipped a brass key into the knob and opened the door.

Just like the rest of the club, the rooms lighting was dim. A queen sized canopy bed was decorated in white silk. The white seemed to glow in the dark. Adrianne slammed the door shut and locked it. Her teeth glowed. She grabbed Jeremy's shoulders and pushed him onto the bed.

"Why were you all by yourself?" she asked.

"Why were you?" he returned the question.

"You first, or I won't fuck you," Adrianne threatened playfully.

"You're the only one that's worth talking to," he replied.

Adrianne bit on her lip and twirled her hair.

"Thanks. I came with someone, but I don't like him much," Adrianne answered.

"You mean you have a date?" Jeremy asked.

"No way. It's not like that. I hate him actually," Adrianne said.

Jeremy wondered who the mystery man was. Her abusive boyfriend or mate? Her strict father, uncle, brother, or cousin?

He didn't ask her questions about her personal life. It didn't seem important then.

The dress she wore shown off half her breasts. Adrianne unzipped the zipper on the back of her dress. The material dropped to the floor as Adrianne stepped out of it. What was left was a white corset and thongs that matched. She kicked off her golden heels.

"Excited?" Adrianne grinned.

"Maybe when I see the rest," Jeremy replied.

She untied the laces in the front. The corset joined the pile and a pair of C cup breasts were exposed to Jeremy. Her nippes hardened at the temperature of the room. Adrianne bent over and slid down her underwear. Her pussy was shaven.

She joined Jeremy on the bed and kissed him. Lips locked, tongues swirled, teeth clinked together.

They broke apart as Jeremy eagerly took off his pants and boxer shorts. His belt buckle chimed as it hit the ground. His penis stood up straight. His thick member yearned for her touch.

Adrianne hastily helped Jeremy take off his shirt. His shirt was the last to join the pile of red, gold, white, and black.

They continued to make out. While they sucked on each others lips, stress was released while hunger increased.

"Please play with yourself," Jeremy begged. He didn't plead anyone for centuries, not ever since he hit adolesence.

Jeremy grabbed her breasts and squeezed. He felt her pink diamonds on his palms.

Adrianne obeyed and rubbed her fingers between her silk folds. She made soft noises and took the cum on her fingers and glossed Jeremy's lips.

Jeremy was on his back and Adrianne sat on top of him. Her two fingers went back and forth. Jeremy grabbed her bare ass as she grinded against him. Her salty juices spread on Jeremy's stomach.

She moved off Jeremy and paid attention to his swollen manhood. She clutched his erection and pumped until he got harder, until he was filled up to the tip.

She put the head of his penis between ruby lips and suckled his tip.

All Jeremy could hear was his own panting and the beat of the music downstairs.

More of his cock was enveloped in the heated mouth of a beautiful lady.

He'd never been with a girl before. He didn't know how long he could hold it until he...

Jeremy groaned and felt calmer. Sperm shot out of his tip and sprayed on Adrianne's chin and neck. His cum dripped down in the valley of her breasts.

They reversed their position. Jeremy brought his mouth down on her big tits. His tongue flicked her nipple while his hand fondled the other.

'Her tits are so bouncy and luscious. And big. And they're real!'

He felt so pleased, so happy as he buried his face in them. It was a joy he never experienced and wished he could experience forever.

His hand trailed down between her thighs. The lips were sticky as he massaged her small parts. His fingers went down more until he found her vagina. His finger outlined the hole. The surface of it had the texture of a flower. His digits went inside her body as she moaned. He added more fingers and continued to slide in and out. When he got to five fingers, Adrianne got on her knees and prepared to take his fist inside her vagina. She lightly wimpered as his fist went up her rippled walls.

"Does it hurt?" he queried.

"It's ok," she breathed.

"When are you gonna put it in?"

"Soon, love," he replied.

Jeremy lowered his head and left a trail of kisses on her breasts and abdomen. He inhaled the scent of her womanhood and licked away at her pink petals.

Adrianne shuddered in delight. His hot tongue slid inside her. His fangs teased her most sensitive area.

Finally, Jeremy hoisted himself above her hips. He felt around with his dick until he found her entrance. His cock pushed inside her warm hole that pulsed while she breathed. He stopped when the whole lenght of his dick was stuffed inside her passage.

Jeremy awkwardly moved in and out. Adrianne sensed his inexperience and got on top. She put her hands on his shoulders and rode him like a joystick.

Soon she moved at a quicker pace as Jeremy moved his hips with hers. He never thought dancing could be that much fun.

As time went on, they fucked as fast as demons. The bed post rocked back and forth. Two holes were left in the wall from the post.

She made a cute sqeaking noise and stared at the ceiling.

Jeremy suddenly pulled out of her and made a rash decision. He pushed Adrianne on her back and bit into her stomach. His venom seeped into her blood. They were the same. Jeremy couldn't be lonely after that.

"Do you know what you're doing?"

Adrianne was alarmed. She thought even virgins knew not to mate everytime they had sex.

"I know what I'm doing. I know we just met, but I like you. I know demons could only mate once," he replied.

She caressed Jeremy's cheek.

"Then you better have chosen carefully, my pet."


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