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Chapter Thirty Eight, Dreams

"We were being watched this whole time," Danny said.

"So John was spying on us since we checked in? He could confront us at anytime but he's having too much fun watching?" Allison guessed.

"That's unlikely. I would have heard the camera's. There probably only in a few selected rooms," Jeremy said.

"I hope there wasn't one in my shower," Allison muttered, then cringed.

"Do we get rid of it?" Danny queried.

"Hold on. I want to try something," Dakota said.

She went away from the group and closer to the camera.

"John?" The first word came out shaky.

"You're name is John, right? Look, I don't care what your reasons are behind this. What pisses me off is that you have to send your goons down here to do all your fighting for you. Why don't you deal with us yourself, coward, or are you just going to torture more little kids?"

She paused. No reaction came except for the camera that continued to spin. She took out her nine millimeter.

"Well wife beater, we're in the snack shop. Come fight us like a man and by the way asshole, I want my money back. Over the fuck out."

She finished her message with a bang. The security camera was blown to bits.

"Ah." Jeremy rubbed his ears.

"Don't you have anything quieter?" he complained.

"I'll choose from a better variety next time," she remarked.


April 2054

The radio they placed on top of a nearby rock showed hints of static. The two siblings shared a blanket on the beach. It was a sunny day so of course, a party was bound to happen. Foeign frat boys drank and spun their heads around on a bat. Children buried themselves in the sand. Dogs chased tennis balls. The natives had a barbeque. They washed down their grilled steaks with cold cans of beer. The crisp tabs opened one by one and the alcohol was chugged down sunburned throats. They fell asleep, side by side, the music and bits of static tuned out everyone else in the world. Hours later, the tide washed out. A wave of warm salt water on the back of their bodies woke them up.

Danny went back to the trailer. Dakota stayed out until rings of thunder pitched the air. The people at the beach found shelter in their vehicles and waited for the storm to pass. Sean allowed Dakota to drive his car to their home, he would catch a ride back with someone else. Unfortunately, she had one too many, and she wasn't the only one. The car swerved on the drive home. The speedometer didn't go past thirty. Dakota heard the Earth shake and saw the sky rip. A sudden heavy shower clouded over the island and a bolt of lightning struck a telephone pole. The torn wires swung down onto the roof of an empty car like jungle vines.

When Dakota got out of the car, the mud almost reached up to her knees. She fiddled with the house key and then stepped inside completely drenched. She took off her soggy clothes by the door and hung them to dry over the shower pole. When she returned to the living room in her nightgown, she noticed the TV was left on. The box television was left on the sports channel with a Nascar race in progress, live from Texas. A storm warning flashed across the bottom of the screen in bold capital letters. It stated that the warning would last from 10pm until 4:30am in Glynn County and Maypole County. Dakota turned off the TV and went into the room where Danny slept. He looked like he was out cold, yet peaceful inside the humid, unairconditioned home.

Thunder and lightning struck again. Dakota feared both ever since she was little. Some would call it an irrational fear, she however, was locked outside of her house by Crystal during a lightning storm ten years ago. She quickly went on the queen sized mattress as if she was scared something under the bed would grab her legs and pull them out of her pelvis.

"Danny?" she whispered. She gently shook his shoulder.

"Hmm," he groaned.

She brought her knees close and hugged them.

"What is it?" Danny asked.

He sat up a little with his back to the bedpost. A bolt of lightning illuminated the sky, along with the full moon. The white light scattered like veins, the sky grumbled like an empty stomach.

"Oh." He got the hint. She would never sleep alone during a lightning storm.

"That's not all," she said.

She hesitated while he waited.

"When I left the hospital after daddy died, I didn't want you to come with me. I wanted you to stay out of my life. I was so mad at you. Then Mark told me something that I could never get out of my head," she began boldly.

Danny had on a hurt and angry expression. He was confused as to why she would bring that up. He was also curious.

"He told me that you needed me. I thought you would have been better off with Elle and everyone back home. Turns out he wasn't right. You don't need me. I need you. If it's just going to be me and you for the rest of our lives I wouldn't mind. I wanted to tell you, I don't hate you and I forgive you," Dakota said.

He stared at her wide eyed.

"You gonna say something?" She raised an eyebrow.

"No," he replied.

Instead, Danny done what he had always wanted to, what he hadn't done for so long. He destroyed his record that had years of self control. He caressed both of her cheeks and kissed her, hard, eager, and afraid. It was an act of impulse, and an act of love, that had her shove him away and turn her back to him.

"I'm so sorry. It was an accident," he panicked.

She bit on her nail and made a noise that Danny mistook for a sob.

"I really didn't mean to. Please, talk to me!" He grasped her shoulder to make her turn back to him.

He was shocked. She didn't cry, she laughed. He wanted to ask her why she laughed but the words would only come out as a pattern of missing letters, English gibberish.

"It's no big deal. We used to practice kissing all the time, remember?" she giggled.

"Yea. You said if I ever told anyone you'd chop my head off," he corrected.

She put her hand over her mouth and laughed some more. Tears of a different kind poured from her eyes. Danny was freaked out more by his beautiful sister than any repugnant demon.

"Hey Danny, wanna practice?" she asked.

Her mouth closed in on his before he could utter a syllable.

"You've gotten handsome over the years." She laughed again once their lips broke apart.

Once she breathed down his throat, Danny was able to make sense of her behavior. She was wasted, drunk, hammered, whatever else could be made of it. All he knew was that it was wrong what they did. He could think of at least two reasons why at the top of his head. First, he took advantage of an intoxicated person. Second, she had the same blood as him. His lust seemed to overpower both though. He gazed at her clevage that hung out of her nightgown. She took notice.

"You like these?" she inquired.

His eyes instantly looked up at her face.

"Well, since you are my brother, I guess I'll let you have a better look."

She pulled off the white silk nightgown over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her firm, round breasts were exposed to the sticky air. Danny drooled out the corner of his mouth. Dakota licked away his drool.

"Can I touch them?" he queried.

His limbs shook. He swallowed the saliva that cupped in his jaw.

"Do as you like," she responded.

Her breasts felt hot in his hands. He rubbed and pushed them together to make them look bigger. His fingers traced every curve he dreamed about touching since he hit adolesence. His one hand buried itself in her underwear.

A bolt of lightning hit the weather vein on the roof of the trailer. A burned scent erupted as part of the weather vein was dented.

He got on top of her and lived his dreams.


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